What should our clients expect when working with Hansen Recruiting?

Here it is plain and simple:

  • We are your recruiting partner for success…and we mean it! Our team knows and understands the digital industry and we are more than just another recruitment agency, we are a trusted business partner.
  • Quality vs. Quantity – we will not clog your inbox with mediocre resumes. Instead, we provide your team with resumes that are an exact match to your position’s requirements, as well as a cultural fit for your company.
  • Time is a valuable asset and today’s world is fast and furious. We understand the importance of your time and we will commit our full attention to your team’s hiring needs. We do not make empty promises – we follow through.

Our team respects and understands the need for confidentiality in all of our relationships. We will not share your company’s information with any outside parties without your prior consent.

Hansen Recruiting supports equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluates all qualified candidates.